From July 1, 2016

Things That Better Be In Your Hand Bag At All Times

A woman’s handbag is sometimes called the Bermuda Triangle because when something goes in there, there is hardly any guarantee of seeing it again. That is because it has so many things in them so at any given opportunity none of the things that matter are going to come out, even at a security check. A woman and a handbag are two things that can’t ever be parted from each other. One would even question whether a person needs that many things in order to survive; evidently for some, they do. That is all well and good, because who are we to restrict people from carrying what they want. For the mere convenience it is encouraged that you carry with you only your essentials and given below are some of them.

The wallet

Without a wallet you cannot go about with any of your day today activities. Most of the activities today need cash. You need to at least have your credit card with you to handle your daily transactions. Unless of course you are a sage or some spiritual person who is trying to live away from the material goods in the world, you will be in desperate need for money. You need the wallet for several other reasons. Your wallet is where your identification documents are stored including your drivers’ license. It’s always wise to keep it intact because you never know when you’ll need them. In plain word, a handbag without a wallet is not a handbag.

Phone charger

This item comes with the prerequisite that you own and use a phone. It should be a part of your personal belongings. A mobile phone is a device that is always seen on the palm of people and there are people who can’t go a minute without it. If you couldn’t charge it to the optimum level the chances are that it will die off before the day ends. So to avoid any inconvenience simply carry the charger in your handbag. This would also require you to have an adapter with you, but the hassle can be mitigated with a xiaomi power bank in Singapore which is portable handy to use.

A makeup kit

This should top your list if you are a person who is conscious about her appearance. You could do yourself a quick touch up after a long day and look as good as when you started the day. A small mirror would be a wonderful addition to it and a comb would aptly complement it. After all, If you don’t take care of yourself who will?