From September 2017

Cooking Tips That Will Help You

Cooking is an art that most people fail to give enough credit to. Anyone can cook! But to cook tasty and make the food look attractive and eye catchy is a talent only a few possess. There are some great cooking tips that will help you out with your cooking skills.

Read below to find out some of really helpful tips!


Just as everything has an order to how it should be done, so is cooking. It is important that you maintain the order in which you put in the ingredients, as how the recipes state. For instance, if you want to make an omelet, you need to first wait till the pan is hot then put in the oil. Only once the oil heated you should pour the egg on to the pan. And then you should sprinkle some salt and then some pepper. This will give you the perfect omelet. Even if the pan has not heated enough and you pour the oil you can get a broken or saggy omelet.


The freshness of the ingredients you put in will affect its taste. There is a huge difference in taste when you use fresh and old ingredients. The fresher the better! Even for meat products this statement has been proven true. Always make sure that you have the items fresh. Don’t store large quantities in the fridge. It only makes the ingredients less fresh. Even most budget buffet catering in Singapore companies have now shifted to buying fresh ingredients for their cooking as it enhances the taste.

Watch and learn

If you go for a high tea buffet catering you can see that there are many items on display. The way they have been presented is something that we all need to watch and learn. Even something as simple sausages is presented in a very eye catchy manner. You will be able to learn a lot about presenting food if you are able to attend such conventions. You should always be willing to learn only then will you be able to accept the different ideas and how to collaborate them in your own cooking.


In conclusion, keep in mind that when you are cooking you should always present the dishes in an attractive way as well. The thing about cooking is that you always have a new dish to learn. But don’t worry about experimenting your own dishes. There is no right or wrong way of cooking. You can always try different mixes and see how well it comes out. Even cooking requires a brave chef!