Buying Yourself A Gift

Most adult who work full time jobs work very hard every day without ever getting the opportunity to buy themselves a treat or to buy themselves a present. If these adults are parents then it is even more unlikely that they will buy themselves a small gift as the current rise in the cost of living has resulted in most people living on a pay check to pay check basis every month. Even in the case that you do have some extra money in a particular month, it is likely that they will spend that money on buying something for their children instead of for themselves. In fact, it is a sad fact that most children will walk around in expensive clothing and pretty dresses while most parents rarely even buy themselves a pair of jeans which is a very sad state of affairs. It is vital that you as a hard working person allocate some money every month for yourself even if this means giving up on spending something for your child once in a way. Your child most likely gets a lot of gifts and a lot of treats that in most cases children don’t even appreciate and therefore it is perfectly acceptable for you to spend a little money on yourself once in a while.

Investing on yourself and your family

There are certain gifts that you can buy for yourself that will also be an investment for your family. As an example, you can look for a second hand piano for sale if you love music and you love to play piano that will not only be a gift for yourself but will also be a gift for your whole family and an investment in to your children’s future.

A second hand piano for sale Singapore will not be likely to cost too much money and you can collect for it for a few months if you do not have money to invest in it immediately. In fact, if you have a family birthday coming up such as your daughter’s birthday, you can even choose to buy this piano for your daughter to help her develop her talents as a musician but it will also serve the dual purpose of being a gift for you.

This will be a far better gift than the average toy that you would normally get your child for the simple reason that these toys that you spend your hard earned money on will eventually break or your child will lose interest in it as she grows up.