Online Tutoring: What You Should Do And Not Do?

If you are very proud of your teaching abilities and want to tutor people and help them with their studies then this article might interest you. However, you must make note that this article refers to online tutoring mainly. There are many tutors available to physically help people; however, there are very limited tutors when it comes to online tutoring. It should further be noted that with the development of technology, online tutoring is becoming widely accepted. In some situations it is not even within the same country; the student is from one country and the tutor from another. However, the distance does not matter as it is online. There are things you need to do to make this a success.

Have your own unique portal

If you are serious about starting online tutoring then it is important that you have your own unique portal. For this you may want to look at woo commerce webpage layout as this will give you the touch of elegance you require.


You should read about woo ecommerce website design in Singapore and see if it is something you would like to add to your online tutoring portal. It is very important that you have an attractive and appealing portal, as this is where your students will first get an idea about you and what to expect.

Have an online timetable

For the purposes of clarity and also for the purposes of making your life easier, it is important that you have an online time table up on the portal. This way, you will not overlap students and you can give them the attention they need when it is their session. Depending on the student’s wish and the type of student you may even be able to conduct group sessions. This will be time saving and it will be productive as well. Therefore, have a time table visible to everyone, which will make it easy.

Have a good internet connection

It is important that you have a strong internet connection for the purposes of online tutoring. An internet connection is required because you will be conducting your tutoring sessions online. Regardless of the method you use online, if the line breaks away at some point this will be annoying and it will not look good on you. It will definitely set bad precedence. Therefore, ensure that you have a good internet service provider where the calls will not drop and you can upload things in super speed without waiting till the call is kept.