Something Unconventional To Do When Travelling

When visiting another country as a tourist, the most obvious thing to do would be to visit as many tourist spots as possible within your stay. Be it natural paradises like beaches, mountains and natural reserves or places of cultural and religious significance such as archaeological sites and old religious monuments – they are all places any tourist, armed with a camera, would obviously frequent. And of course, while on the way, it’s also normal to buy what little souvenirs or trinkets that catch the eye – so that they may serve as a wonderful remembrance of your visit.

However, instead of hoarding up on souvenirs from every place you visit – be it a country or other locality in your own country – there might be some other ways to create lasting memories of your visits, and without taking up any space in your house!

A Baking class or cooking class is one such way. Before you dismiss the idea as pure absurdity, take a while to consider why the suggestion. Whenever you visit another locality, you’re bound to encounter many different types of food you’ve never known, and you might very well find some that you really like.

It might never cross your mind to learn to cook these local dishes – at most, you might take some packed dishes back home. The truth is however, that there might be a local baking class in the locale, specifically geared towards tourists. It might even be a one-day class, and most of the time, it doesn’t require you to be adept in cooking or anything – after all, it is also one of the many entertainments the tourist spot gives its tourists.

The cooking class is often run by a native, or at least, someone very well-versed in the local cuisine and traditions. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity for you to try the local dishes – which sometimes might not even be available in restaurants – and even learn how to cook them back at home! Furthermore, since the class is most often a group activity, you might even end up making some unexpected friendships, and find perhaps some sites you’ve never visited – or some that are best not visited.

Just like any other cooking class, you won’t have to bother about cleaning up, and even if you’re a bad cook, you’re guaranteed to be able to taste some very good dishes for free (or well, for your cooking class fee). Since you’ll most probably end up with leftovers, you’ll also have the opportunity of taking back some of the dishes with you to the hotel – to eat later, maybe?

Plus, when thinking about it, instead of taking back some wooden carvings or some other souvenirs, you’ll definitely feel much more fulfilled (and not to add, you’ll have some additional memories) when taking back with you some local recipes to recreate at home!