Storing Your Goods, Done Right!

Needless to say, moving is a thankless job. Being able to move all your goods from one place to your new place is fine, but what happens when you need to store them somewhere else for a while? If you have a good-hearted friend or family member who has some space they would be willing to give you for you to keep your things till you sort yourself out, then that is a blessing. If not however, you would need to look at options where you can rent a space for a monthly fee and store them until you are ready to move them out. Here is how you can do it with minimum hassle.


There are many companies now that offer self storage services for you to choose from. The concept grew in popularity especially since people sometimes even for corporate reasons needed a place to keep their important items somewhere safe. The first thing you want to consider is location. Even if the spot is far from the place you are moving out, make sure it is close to wherever you are moving to. Sometimes, you might suddenly find that you need to grab something out so having to travel a fair distance to do it is not going to be fun.


Make sure you can afford the payment. Depending on what you opt for, it can get a bit expensive especially over a few months. And no, you cannot skip payments and expect it to be okay. If you are struggling at some point, let the management know. If you fail to do this and fail to stay in touch, the facility will be forced to hold an auction after a period of time where all your items will be sold off to help cover the rental. Of course personal items will be returned if possible, but electronics and furniture for example will be sold off.


You are strongly advised to check on availability beforehand and make a payment then and there if you are satisfied. Self storage units tend to go quite quickly, so if you do not, then someone else will end up taking it. If your need has come up suddenly and you did not really have time to plan, you might strike lucky by simply walking in and seeing what they have on offer. Even if it is not entirely up to par, you could choose one as a temporary option until you find something more permanent.


The phone directory should have a plethora of options so try that, as well as good old Google of course. With online searches you want to be careful because there could be scammers so read forums and reviews to have a look at the public opinion. Furthermore, why not have a chat with friends or family members who might have also gone through the same experience? Recommendations usually are best since they have a firsthand account and you can make a more informed decision.