The Pros And Cons Of Eating Chicken – A Brief Evaluation

As unusable as it sounds, there are several pros and cons of eating chicken. When there is a benefit in eating something, there is going to be a ill effect as well. But in this fast world everything is going on a path where bit is hard to determine whether if we are ever going to get any good from doing something or eating something. For example, when we consumed something or medicine for some kind of health issue, there is always going to be a side effect. If you are going to consume a drug for common Cold,the drug H can be pretty addicting. Moreover, there are additional side effects of consuming a drug.

Similarly eating chicken related foods like Chicken Floss in Singapore, chicken pastries and traditionally brewed chicken. It should be seen that chicken are really good items to eat. In olden days, chicken were grown like another animal in homes. But nowadays, it should be seen that chicken are being injected and make fatter by inducing hormones. This gives us side effects when we eat these chicken.

It is not a lie that females who eat chicken are seen to mature sooner and hit puberty sooner than expected. Then, it can be seen that hormones are having a bad effect with the body and have more negative impacts. There are several videos of how chicken and chicken related products are industrially made. It is basically again gender discrimination in chickens. Selected chickens are used in breeding but the other male chickens are killed and used in the industrial food items. It can be also noticed that chicken are turning to be more bad than good.

Yes we do get essential proteins and other important amino acids from chicken but it has too much bad items nowadays. Apart from the above mentioned hormonal injections, it is making us obese. The main aim of the injection is to make the chicken fatter for slaughtering it. Similarly it can be seen that it has the same effect in human beings.

It is pretty easy to see that these fowls are having an integral part of our diets in the present world. For example, things like McDonalds, KFC and other fats food chain of restaurants are seen to mix another invaluable food items with the food items. Then it can be seen that in many restaurants they say, it is halal but all in truth, there is nothing halal in restaurant foods anymore. But after all the struggles, we earn to feed that little tongue with flavours, so eat it and face it. For having restrictions is not going to take you anyway. At the end, you all die at some point. If you are going to die at 60 years of age and you never had done anything with your life, then you will have nothing to add meaning to life. Enjoy your life as long as you can.